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Hi, my name is Clément, I’m 3 years old and I need you.

Despite my 3 years old, I don’t walk, I don’t speak and I can’t play with other children. Fortunately my parents are there to help me because I can’t do anything by my own, even drink or eat.

Since June 2015, doctors told my parents that I’m hit by a rare neurological disease called LEUKODYSTROPHIE. Nowadays, in France, there is almost no hope to cure me … Therefore my parents would like to go to Canada to help me quickly, there are specialized structures for children like me over there.

Time is my main enemy, at 3 years old, I can still be cured, but soon it will be too late …. All this is very expensive and without a quick help, all hope will be lost. So if you want to help me, my parents created an association to raise funds. Looking forward your precious help, I hope to see you soon !

Clément, a brave little man ! PS : You can also write me, send me drawings at this address :)
or at my adress : 1 Rue Bosquet Aymi - 64 320 Idron - France