To help Clement and his family in this delicate situation and to promote medical research, fundings are essential.
The necessary budget is considerable, without quick help, all hope will be lost ...

Your contribution is essential to help Clement, even a small donation can make the difference! He is counting on you!

You can use the form below to make your donation with a secure way, all funds raised are directly donated to the Association "Clément Petit Prince".
You can choose to make a donation one time or each month, and anonymously or not.

Also know that any donation is tax deductible ....

   Real cost of your donation after tax deduction

For a donation of € 20.00 it costs you € 6.80
For a donation of € 50.00 it costs you € 17.00  
For a donation of € 100.00 it only costs you € 34.00
For a donation of € 150.00 it only costs you € 51.00

   Donate by check :

Send your check to :

Asso. Clément Petit Prince
1 Rue Bosquet Aymi
64320 Idron

  Donate by bank transfer :

Make your transfer to the following bank account :

Bank code : 16906
Branch code : 03029
Account number : 87010178760
RIB key : 40
Domiciliation : LONS MEDIATHEQUE (03029)
IBAN : FR76 1690 6030 29 87 0101 7876 040